GABA looks at its own country’s resources through taking the world experience into consideration to model its programs and strategies.

Research projects conducted by GABA:

I. “Sub-Sector Value Chain and Cross-Sector Market Assessment for Irrigation” project (ACH).

Sub-Sector Value Chain Assessment

Goal: The assessment of current situation of poor farmers regarding production, service provision and product marketing. Assessment was carried out for 4 sectors:

  • Service providers
  • Household farming (poor, middle and rich)
  • Traders, transporters, processors and packagers
  • Executive bodies

The assessment of irrigation systems

Goal: The impact assessment of existing irrigation systems to poor farmers.

II. “Evaluation of land acquisition opportunities for Internally Displaced Persons in the settlements of Agdam, Agjabedi, Barda, Beylagan, Bilasuvar, Goranboy, Fuzuli and Tar-tar regions” project (FAO).

Goal: Find land acquisition opportunities for internally displaced people in the settlements.

III. Development of Kenaf Test Plots 2009-2010 (The Nopal Group, USA)

Goal: Biological recultivation of lands contaminated with oil in Azerbaijan.