Agricultural extension is a significant social innovation, an important force in agricultural change, which has been created, adapted and developed over the centuries. Agricultural extension has now become recognized as an essential mechanism for delivering information and advice as an “input” into modem farming. With regard to the objective of GABA to promote organic agriculture and to facilitate access to and competitiveness at national and international markets GABA will assure quality control according to the organic standards and the accountability of the services rendered.

The objective of extension services is to support farmers and entrepreneurs to develop their business through increasing knowledge and skills in agrarian sector. Extension services are rendered for both individuals and farmer groups. Extension services include making recommendations in different agrarian sectors such as plant-growing, animal husbandry, agricultural economics, pest and disease control, organic education, environmental protection and biodiversity etc., developing programs (by conducting trainings and seminars) for competitive agricultural enterprises, transferring innovations and new technologies by conducting demonstration fields, developing business plans for farm development and so on. All physical and juridical persons can benefit from extension services by becoming our members and signing a contract after getting acquainted with the extension procedures.

Thus, GABA created “6030” Free Hotline Extension and SMS services that allow farmers to obtain valuable recommendations on crop production, livestock and beekeeping, agricultural suppliers, economy and marketing of agricultural products, weekly weather forecast  by the highly qualified agricultural specialists, as well as easily solve their farm related problems without leaving their farms.