GABA initiated the establishment of Consortium, the association of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Ganja Regional Scientific Center, Ganja Agribusiness Association and Municipality of Nizami district with the objective of ensuring sustainable development and maintaining organic balance in the Western regions of Azerbaijan on September 02, 2003.

The principal goal to establish Consortium in the Western regions of Azerbaijan:

  • Render information-consulting services for the conduction of agrarian reforms;
  • Support socio-economic development;
  • Apply safe technologies by achieving effective use of natural resources in the region;
  • Apply technologies that enable reproduction of the high volume industrial wastes;
  • Develop small and medium entrepreneurship in the agriculture of the region;
  • Develop organic agriculture in the region;
  • Develop processing industry through applying advanced technologies;
  • Ensure civil society development aimed at promoting public awareness of the rights and obligations of citizens;
  • Manifest the folk handicraft level of owners by creating their unions;

Contribute to the conservation of the natural, welfare and cultural heritage through studying the region’s ancient history.