There are numerous exemplary farmers who are engaged in organic agriculture and always continue to focus their efforts on the challenges of the country’s organic movement. These farmers have already completed the conversion period and applied for organic certification.


These farmers constantly participate paired with us in the conducted trainings and workshops related to the promotion of organic agriculture and its development in the regions, they are periodically invited to TV broadcastings about organic agriculture, as well as support organic agriculture promotion through conducting demonstration field days in their organic farms. Some of them are listed below:


Nariman Alakbarov converted his farm to organic farming in 2001. His farm is located in Garayeri settlement of Samukh district. The farm is engaged in plant-growing (grape, 40 fruits) and animal husbandry (meat, milk).

Zahid Asgarov is one of the farmers from Goranboy district who plays significant role in the organic agriculture development. His farm entitled as “Abil” is situated in Nizami village. This farm is engaged in organic wheat, fruit, meat, milk and cheese production.

Hagverdi Hacıyev is one of the eco-farmers from Goranboy district. His farm is mainly engaged in horticulture (persimmon, tangerine, pear and peach) and buffalo (meat, milk, cream).

Vahid Rzayev’s farm called “Umid” is placed in Barda district. Currently 500 head of cattle are raised in his farm. Nutrient requirement is met with farm’s own fodder production. The farm also engaged in organic milk and meat production.

Ramiz Shafiyev is one of the exemplary farmers in Samukh district engaged in organic agriculture. His farm is located in Agasibeyli village and primarily occupied with animal husbandry production. Additionally alfalfa, wheat and different types of fruits are produced in this farm.


The extension specialists of Ganja Agribusiness Association regularly visit these farms and provide them with valuable consulting services on organic agriculture.