Ganja Agribusiness Association, the initiator and leading force of the Azerbaijan Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (AzFOAM) became a member of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) in 2001. GABA undertakes the following responsibilities to promote organic agriculture and ensure sustainable development in Azerbaijan:


  • Develop new projects to ensure sustainable development in Western regions;
  • Scientific technical substantiation in socio-economic and ecological fields;
  • Develop special programs on environmental protection and elimination of social problems in rural areas;
  • Establish working groups coordinating with international organizations and foundations engaged in organic agriculture;
  • Develop demonstration fields for the application of new techniques and technologies in the region;
  • Conduct trainings, workshops and scientific-practical conferences related to increase in soil fertility in the region and their effective use;
  • Develop special measurement system paired with consulting services in order to stimulate the conversion of small-scale and retail land users into big farmer unions in the region.