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Ganja Agribusiness Association (GABA), located in Ganja, Azerbaijan is a regional non-governmental organization whose mission is to promote sustainable development of the country’s agrarian sector through human potential development, knowledge and resource transfer. This organization was established in 1996 by a group of leading scientists of ASAU who involved in the agrarian reforms in Zagatala and four years later working with the Eurasia Foundation and funded by USAID, was registered by the Minister of Justice of Azerbaijan.

GABA is the primary organization in Azerbaijan promoting organic agriculture. GABA’s organizational strategy is multifaceted “Through the development of organic agriculture and  the support of conventional agriculture, help raise the living conditions of the rural population, ensure sustainable development of the agrarian sector and build environmentally sound and a socially just society in the rural areas of Azerbaijan.” GABA employs an array of methods to meet its strategic goals. GABA’s names education as a key objective, marketing, advocacy and community development as well.


GABA continues to focus its efforts on the challenges of the country’s new organic movement – converting farmers to organic methods, educating farmers and the greater public on the care of the environment and those benefits realized, promoting consumer awareness of organic products, promoting organic products as a viable alternative or additional product for food manufacturing/processing companies. GABA looks at its own country’s resources and to the western European countries, Japan and the US to model its programs and strategies to push the movement forward.

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